Thursday, June 11, 2009

Three Lock-ley Notions

Lockjaw: This small construct is carefully worked into the bulk of the object it secures, looking like a elaborate, scalloped brass and steel lock raised high from the surface of the door, chest or what-have-you. However, sharp shining teeth of adamant fill the irising keyhole jaws of a lockjaw, ready to neatly sever any object -- lockpick, fingertip, or otherwise -- that pokes into its maw. Only its own brassy key will be permitted inside.

The Golden Gear: Not simply one gear, but a cluster of tiny golden glass gears perpetually rotating within a colourless crystal sphere the size of a walnut, the golden gear will disable any wizard lock it happens to be pressed against. The myriad tiny gears whir and churn, appearing to extend through their shell and snarl in the now-visible spell-lock, unraveling the magics that hold the portal shut. The golden gear is always charged; with every use, one of its gears changes to a dull silver, until the sphere is inert.

Bindspider: Varying in size from a coin to a clenched human fist, bindspiders are objects of steel and crystal clockwork, electrum plates and silver wire. If applied to a door's latch, the bindspider will dig its legs into door and frame, pressing its body into the wood or stone; if presented to a latch's loop on a chest, it will thread its limbs in pairs through the catch and clutch them together. If an object can bear a lock, the bindspider can become that lock. Most bindspiders possess no keys, responding only to the touch of their owners.


Michael S/Chgowiz said...

You've inspired me to write up three magical/strange locks of my own. I had a dream about the first one, actually.

Well, I also had a Hellraiser type of dream about a lock, but I'm not ready to do a Carcosa type of post. Trust me, it's horrific. If you've seen HR1 and Event Horizon, you'll know what I'm getting at.

taichara said...


You're going to post them, right? :D

... and yeh, I can kind of guess what you're getting at with that. Erp.

Rae7910819 said...

You honestly have some of the best ideas. Consider these 'borrowed', lol.

Rusty said...

Love it! Here's hoping I can use these before my players find your blog. Thanks for sharing the products of your creative mind.

taichara said...


Thank ye muchly, and no problem ;3

@The Rusty Battle Axe:

You're welcome! :D

Norman J. Harman Jr. said...


This inspired a reoccurring villain, The Lockmaster.

Blocking pursuers with binding spiders. Escaping prisons and traps with ease. Teasing, foiling, and harassing characters with his locks, traps and puzzles.

Fade to The King's Hall...

The princess has been kidnapped and taken to a belocked, betrapped and bepuzzled dungeon. The King hands you a magic mirro left by The Lockmaster. It shows the pouting princess and the slowly draining water clock that will release the Owlbear into her chamber! (insert awesome CtB line about wealth, power and father's love for their daughters)

Of course it was all just a distraction to get the PCs out of the way so The Lockmaster could steal the Thrice Cursed Staff of Zargos! The formerly "I only want my daughter back" King now, of course, "requests" that the PC's recover the staff.