Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Various project status and suchsort

My attempts to collate blog contents into a format that I can release through Lulu have been bordering on the comical (if not stressful), I have to admit. Outside sourses of distraction and stress have slowed me down but I am trying to get back in saddle, so to speak. I haven't set aside the notion, just trying to work out how to put it all together; the raw conversions to Labyrinth Lord, at least, are just about complete.

(There have been much flailing along the lines of "what in the seven shining hells do I do with it?!" --)

For the elemental project, I've started in on the critters and am working out basic notions for magic items, spells and the uses of cysts. The fluffier parts haven't had a word set down yet -- but arguably take up the lion's share of my mental meanderings on the subject.

... I am slow, and still a little flailing, for which I apologize.

I'm still working, though, don't worry *grins*

One thing that's been preying on my mind (aside from how to bridge together the blog contents) is the overlap between the blog critters and the critters to be put in the element collection. The various spirits at the very least arguably belong in both collections, and there are a small number of similar stragglers.

Would this bit of overlap be problematic for anyone interested in the collections? I'd love some input before I fret myself to death.


Chris said...

Just relax, trust your instincts, and put together something that you'd be happy to use. Then you can fret and polish obsessively.

You might want to second some poor schmuck into critiquing and troubleshooting any infelicities of style or ambiguities of meaning slip by you under FriendDA non-disclosure terms.

taichara said...


Thank ye kindly :3 It's the tail end of the stress talking and tripping me up, I think, but I didn't want people to think I'd stopped working.

(July is going to be Work Hell. After that, now that other sources of anxiety are gone, I think I might do better.)

Also, I quite like the FriendDA and may need to make use of it ;3

ze bulette said...

I'm looking forward to both your publications and most likely will get both, but I wouldn't dupe the critters in two places. It makes some sense logically, but in thinking about it I'd be a little put off if someone like TSR had done the same thing. Just one opinion!