Monday, March 1, 2010

Magic Item: Ring of Viridian Veins

Ring of Viridian Veins: A slender finger-ring of copper in the form of twisting vines, the Ring of Viridian Veins is decorated with tiny leaves of deep green jade. Despite its apparent fragility the Ring is strong as steel and will resize to fit as needed.

The bearer of the Ring will find their hair (or fur, feathers, etc.) develops a vibrant emerald tint. So long as the Ring is worn, that individual requires only one-half of their usual food requirements so long as they are exposed to a light source of torch-strength or better for the majority of their waking hours. Continuous exposure to full sunlight drops the food requirement to one-quarter.

The original Ring of Viridian Veins was forged by the Grey Brother, or magesmith, of the now-defunct naturalist's guild once commonly known as the Verdant Wings. Since that time the Ring has been widely copied, its enchantments freely spread by the Wings as the Sere Winds parched forests and farmlands both.


trollsmyth said...

Welcome back. :D

Nice item, and, as always, lovely details. This sounds like a new setting. Is it, or just a distant corner of the one we've been hearing about up 'til now?

Knightsky said...

Yay! The hamster is back! *does the snoopy dance*

taichara said...


Hi :D I hope to get at least a bit up to speed; we'll see how things go ~ X3

Same world as before, just a few new wrinkles to it and a bit further afield in some cases, whether spatially or temporally *grins*



Michael S/Chgowiz said...

Nice to see you back. :)

Tomira Eliyes said...

I like what it looks like, I like what it does, and I wibble at the reason why it exists.

taichara said...


Thank ye :3


Not everything has a shiny reason, alas --

reddevil said...

I like your stuff, good item.