Friday, March 5, 2010

The wheel in the cage goes round and round ...

Not back for a week, and the blogosphere has managed to already cough up the beginning of another one of Those Debates. Pfeh. Lovely. And with a side-order of one of my other annoyances, besides; but that seems confined to a small space, so what odds.

This is the sound of me knocking my head against my desk.
(tis rather a hollow sound ...)

New critter in the morning if work doesn't eat me alive.


Unknown said...

Looking forward to it. :)

trollsmyth said...

Tempest in a teapot in a dollhouse. Hardly worth paying any attention to, honestly.

Good luck with work. :)

taichara said...


Thankee :3


Tis true enough; just annoying, especially fresh back from hiatus --

So far, work has involved a giant rat and a pub full of rowdies. Perhaps I am in a game setting ;3

Michael S/Chgowiz said...

There was a drama? :shock/horror:

I didn't notice.


(Word verification - shidso - the judo movement to avoid the shid that flies out of the Internet with complete regularity.)

taichara said...


The perils of trying to play catch-up, I suppose ;P

Chris said...

Any and all OSR sh*tstorms epitomised in 0:06 ;)

taichara said...


Cute ;3