Thursday, March 4, 2010

Magic Item: Rings of the Winged Moon

Rings of the Winged Moon: “Rings” in name only, this pair of slender bangles are crafted of a strange silvery porcelain-like substance, translucent and faintly bluish. Stronger than they appear, the Rings must be worn on either wrist in order to function; placing both bangles on one wrist renders the enchantment temporarily inert.

When active, the Rings may be called upon to produce any small object of a utilitarian nature – knife, cup, quill pen, thief's pick – forming the object out of the same silvery material that the bangles themselves are composed of. No more than three such objects may be in existence at any one time, and after 1-10 turns the item will fade into nothingness.

The origin of the Rings' name is unknown, though sages speculate on a connection with the chthonic cults of the Lunar Serpent.

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