Sunday, February 22, 2009

Magic Item: Reaping Harvest

All living things must rest, as all things must one day come to an end. Some must be extinguished that others continue on. Thus will the new replace the old after the sleep of death.

A hard lesson, but a wise one.

With hard-won acceptance of this wisdom, Jie Chue bent his head and taught the harsh rest of autumn to harder steel.

Reaping Harvest:
Balanced yet oddly heavy, this hilt of this sword is wrapped in copper wire. In the pommel is set a high-domed cabochon of garnet, and a ragged leaf picked out in carnelian ornaments the blade on either flat. With a regretful smile, Jie Chue left the blade in the hands of a famed physicker, as a reminder that even healing may come with an unforseen price.

Reaping Harvest is a sword +2. Once a day, the blade's bearer may drain the life-fluids from a victim struck by the sword, dessicating them and healing their own self by the amount of damage inflicted; if the injury did not kill the target, they are forced into magical sleep until harmed again if a save vs. spell is failed.


Blotz said...

I gotta say I'm loving this run of magic swords. Awesomely flavorful.

One niggle... If I don't kill you with the first shot of Reaping Harvest, then I've got a darn good chance with the next round if my opponent is asleep! Can I give the poor soul a save vs spells or something?

Blotz said...

On second thought it is a "daily" power, and if you've played any 4th edition, nothing sucks more than whiffing on a "daily" power.

taichara said...

Hi! I'm lad you're liking them :3 Reaping Harvest is the last of this specific set -- but Jie Chue "is" a prolific smith. There will be others ...

Since the sleep is a magical one, I'd say that a save (vs spells, or whatever save you deem suitable) is eminently reasonable if wanted; Frozen Moment allows a save, so Reaping Harvest reasonably should as well.