Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A contemplation.

I wonder if I can work out a few different types of fantasy currency and get them typed up? Maybe some basic / generic ideas, and then a specific currency using each example. Or a mix of both. Trade goods might work their way in there somewhere also.

Something of a "companion" file to the Little Treasures one ...


Chris said...

I'm not sure where you're going with this. Do you mean different sizes and values of coinage, perhaps enhanced with some quasi-magic properties? or do you mean non-standard money types (like cowrie shells, Yap Rai stones, animal pelts, cloth, jade tokens, etc.)?

Or am I failing entirely in audacity of imagination?

*awaits with interest*

Hamlet said...

If you'll forgive me for shilling for the moment: I recommend you lay hands on a copy of the Arduin Grimoire and enjoy the section devoted entirely to trade (on the multi-versal level), trade goods, and currencies.

taichara said...


Quite possibly both, leaning much more strongly towards the second. Sort of a midway-point between finding "oh yay, more coins" and the treasure objects I wrote up a while back. (also, an excuse to use jade anythings *grins*)

Finding on occasion, say, a casket of tiny carved semiprecious statuettes no larger than the first joint of one's thumb is more interesting than gold pieces, to my mind ;3


I forgive you *grins* But if I want to hunt up that sort of information (minus the multiversal aspect ~) I could turn to a few chunks of my bookshelf. I'm considering, rather, seeing what I might come up with on my own.

Knightsky said...

The 1st edition of the Palladium Fantasy RPG had a nice two-page art spread showing the different coinage of the four major kingdoms, and how they differed. Fores, the Northern (wolfen) coins were more rectangular in shape, the most expensive of the Old Kingdom coins had tiny elven gems laid into them, and both the Eastern and Northern coins had small holes drilled into them so that you could have your coinage strung together on a string belt.

Knightsky said...

'Fores' should have been 'for example', by the way.