Sunday, April 5, 2009


(Magishrooms, Boomshrooms, Spell Repellent ...)

The fungal growth known as heqoranth is, to all available analyses, a harmless organism annoying only in its habit of growing most anywhere its mycelia can find purchase. Stone, soil, wood, cloth, untended tapestries -- heqoranth is not a fussy fungus, any rough or porous non-living surface will do. Once established as a viable growth (anywhere from 1/4- to 2" thick, a mass of dense pale-dun filaments), heqoranth begins to send up mushrooms. A dull golden-dun in colour with reddish markings, the mushrooms are vaguely crunchy, taste something like sugary, spiced custard, and grow in clusters with thick stubby stalks and dense caps. They can provide a welcome snack in the depths of dungeons -- if they haven't been claimed by the denizens there.

The danger of heqoranth lies not in any form of poison, but in its response to magical energies. Heqoranth spreads readily -- it can carpet a passage or chamber, given the chance -- and the fungus is exquisitely sensitive to magic. If a spell is cast, whether by voice, scroll or a magical item such as a wand, within ten feet of a heqoranth growth (with or without mushrooms) the fungus will ignite and explode violently, causing scorching acidic wounds to all within 15'. For every square yard of heqoranth, 1-6 hit points of damage is inflicted (with a minimum of 1-6 hit points if less than a square yard).

To make matters worse, heqoranth will scatter spores if detonated or if unduly disturbed -- such as when gathered to be eaten -- and it takes root within hours. While an adventurer need fear no direct harm from heqoranth, should their gear be inoculated they may be in for a very explosive surprise as little as six hours later ...


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