Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monster: Akh

Akh (“honoured dead, blessed dead, restless one”)
Armour Class: 6
Hit Dice: 5***
Move: 120' (40')
Attacks: 2 fists or by weapon
Damage: 1-6/1-6 or by weapon + Strength drain
No. Appearing: 1
Save As: C6
Morale: 10
Treasure Type: Variable
Alignment: Any
XP Value: 550

An akh is an undead creature generated by the spirit of a deceased individual. Akh may be benevolent ancestor spirits, vengeful revenants, the malicious shades of the dead who resent the living, and many other things -- the defining point is that the deceased have a strong compulsion to return to the land of the living to see to a person, task or object. All akh are driven in this goal and can be malevolent if thwarted or if their charges are endangered. Akh are creations of the spirit, not animated corpses; nonetheless, they are solid forms unless deliberately choosing to be immaterial. Most akh resemble idealized versions of their living selves.

Akh attack with their fists for 1-6 hit points of damage per strike, or with weapons if weapons are available. The akh may choose to drain 2 points of Strength from a victim of its attack if a successful save vs. energy drain is not made, but this is not an automatic effect. Lost Strength is regained after twelve hour's rest. An akh may also curse or bless an individual, inflicting a -2 to all rolls and general ill-luck until the curse is lifted (usually by fulfilling the akh's complaint or purpose) or granting a +2 to all rolls for the next twenty-four hours. Akh may shift to be invisible and immaterial at will, and are immune to non-magical weapons.

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