Thursday, May 28, 2009

I give! I give --! :D

Seriously, folks -- the upswelling of encouragement to put together a book/pdf, and offers of help thereof, have made my week :3 It's been getting a little rough lately, you have no idea how much this made me feel better.

Yes, Jeff, this means I forgive the sudden broadsiding of being drafted ;3 Thank you!

So, I've decided I shall give it a try. I still have a few weeks of rockiness ahead, including being exiledon vacation for the first week of June, but I shall work on assembling the entries here into a document and then converting the stats to Labyrinth Lord as necessary. (don't need WotC hunting for me, after all!)

I will assuredly need to ask for aid, though, because my layout skills are not the best and artistic ability is worse these days *sheepish grin*

I will keep things updated, and thank you all again for the show of support. It means a lot to me. :3


Anonymous said...

Having had a score or more of my creations appear in the pages of the Swords & Wizardry Monster Book, I have four things to say:

1. Do it.
2. I'd buy/download it, as opposed to simply cut&pasting your blog entries into a document file.
3. The feeling you get from the knowledge your monsters will eat adventurers in other gaming groups is immensely gratifying.
4. Your monsters are way cooler than mine.
5. Do it (okay, five things, you got me)

taichara said...


Thank you! And never you mind saying that about your monsters; if you're getting them published, I daresay they're every bit as good as mine.

(I'll have the S&W book to see for myself eventually. Lulu shipping to Canada is a bear *groans*)

Rae7910819 said...

I see that while I was away, you got drafted. Lol. Well, that would definately be a collection worth downloading. ^^

Anonymous said...

You can find the draft versions of my monsters (of which about half made it into the book) on the S&W forum, and here:

Rusty said...

DO IT! I'm new to your blog but I am already finding myself copying and pasting your stuff into Word so I can use it in my campaign. You could probably recruit some volunteers to assist you in layout, but that might get complicated in other ways (and who wants those of management headaches while trying to do something fun and creative?). Back to my original point: DO IT! You have some great stuff here, very creative, original, and, best of all, quite useful.