Sunday, May 31, 2009

Magic Item: The Stone of the Sun

The Stone of the Sun: A single translucent ruby the size of a child's fist, the Stone of the Sun is a deep blood red tinged with a gleam of fire, another relic from a previous era. Resembling an orb of delicate flames nestled in a cradle of petals -- perhaps a rose -- and curved claws, the Stone has passed from hand to hand countless times over the millenia; claimed by emperors and paupers both, it shows no favorites and casts no judgement that mortals may discern.

At all times the Stone casts a faintly glowing light, as if an ember were banked deep in its heart. At will, the current possessor of the Stone may call a greater light forth; though tinged with bloody fire, this light source otherwise resembles a casting of continual light in strength and radius. Its radiance may not be dimmed by a spell of darkness.

Possession of the Stone wards its bearer from the shedding of blood. All physical wounds deal one less hit point per die, unless that wound were inflicted by the undead; in that case, subtract two hit points from each die of damage dealt. The Stone also grants a touch of noble bearing, no matter the class or stature of its bearer. Those the bearer of the Stone meet are more courteous, more willing to offer aid or join the bearer in their travels -- and also more inclined to share their woes and pain, hoping for aid in return.

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Interesting combination of different effects.