Sunday, May 10, 2009

A serious writing project? Seriously?

In the last few days I've found myself pondering working on a document packed full of how I intend to handle elemental magic (or, at least elemental spells), the elemental planes themselves, and all that fun stuff. I dare say I could fill a decent handful of pages with:

- planar description for all six elements
- an explanation of how Courts work and few examples for each plane
- elemental cysts and what one can do with those nifty shinies, including the hybrid cysts
- crossovers between the elemental planes and the mortal world
- calling elementals and elemental spirits
- and of course a goodly measure of critters, magical items and spells

I could even work up a Labyrinth Lord version. With luck, this notion will take root over the next few weeks and something might come of it -- I need to encourage myself more! (Or at least stop getting distracted by everything else that comes along.)

But here's the big kicker of a question, because I have to admit the temptation is dangling: would it be worthwhile to actually make this project -- if it flies -- into something I could put on Lulu?
Better question: how could I manage that, with the artistic and layout skills of a dead wombat? *grins*

Well, better to see what I can write first I suppose. That week in exilevacation in the first week of June might come in handy, too ...


Chris said...

"would it be worthwhile to actually make this project -- if it flies -- into something I could put on Lulu?"

Do it! I'd pay for a Taicharan Elemental Lore collection sight unseen (ditto any future Taicharan Compendium of the Eldritch and Monstrous).

"Better question: how could I manage that, with the artistic and layout skills of a dead wombat? *grins*"

Anything beyond the basics of clean, clear layout + some public domain art will only ever be the icing on the cake of good content. If it's good enough for Fight On!... ;)

Enjoy your exilevacation btw.

Jeff Rients said...

Sounds awesome! If you need help with turning a document into a presentable product, then I suggest contacting Brave Halfling Publishing. It's basically a cooperative venture designed to do exactly that.

taichara said...


Thank you very kindly for the vote of confidence! Tis much appreciated :D

I want to see what I can write before I firm up too many notions, though; it's sort of a form of ... self-administered insurance? No promises unless I think I can deliver. Heh.

(I admit I'd likely put some of the critters here on the blog in there for completeness' sake, but that would be after I met a satisfying page count already ...)

Thex exilevacation will be into the ever-loving arms of my insane family. While the house is being renovated. Should be ... interesting, to say the least ;3

taichara said...

who snuck a post in while I was posting ~

Thank ye very kindly also! :D

I admit that I wasn't entirely sure if this sort of idea was something Brave Halfling Publishing picked up; I'll have to go take a look --

trollsmyth said...

Like Chris, I would pay real money for this, sight unseen. I'm not sure there are enough of us to warrant commissioning art or anything like that, but from my point of view, this is the most exciting and must-have book I've heard about since maybe Book of Vile Darkness. (Fight On! and Green Devil Face are magazines, so they don't count.)

If it comes to it, I'd be willing to offer my meager layout skills to help bring this project to life, but if you can find anyone else to help, you'd almost certainly be better going with them. I have no formal training and my software is swiftly slipping into its dotage.

taichara said...

@trollsmyth: Thank you! :D You're going to make me nervous to write, though, with comparisons like that -- for content or length ~!

And your offer of layout help is very much appreciated also! :3

Anonymous said...

Need I add another note of encouragement? Might as well. ;3 You know I still hold out hopes for you publishing a complete setting + rules someday, so might as well get your feet wet! :D And there's definitely some interested parties around here.

Ben O. said...

You COULD have a chat with us about it too, especially given that you're already going to be working with Silver Gryphon Games on something else, heh.

taichara said...


(You just want to know what Leo might be getting into ~ *ducks*) Thank ye :3

@Ben Overmyer:

Thank you very kindly for the offer :D If I can stick with the notion, I may drop you a line about it!

I want to get the other thing I'm working on finished, though, and see how that all works out first in any case. :3 Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

(Actually, I like being surprised. For example, having to fight with the chickens he was sent to rescue to get them to come with? Much better as a surprise. XD)
You're veddy welcome. :3

Hamlet said...

I'd certainly be interested in taking a look at it!

Definately put it up for sale on Lulu if you get it to a point where you're happy with it, but don't forget to put up some free previews for the cheapskates in the crowd like me.

taichara said...


Of course there would be previews. And I'd still be posting here, also ;3

Thank ye kindly!

Sean said...

Yeah, I haven't been reading your blog long, but long enough to know I'd pay to learn more about your campaign setting.

Uh . . . If you don't mind giving away a freebee - what are the six elements?

taichara said...


Not a problem! The implied information's been kicking around in here for a bit in any case ;3

The six elements are air, earth, fire, water, light, and darkness.