Thursday, May 21, 2009

Magic Item: Rain Tiger's Claw

Rain Tiger's Claw: Carefully tanned and tailored, Rain Tiger's Claw is a leather pouch created from the front paw of a rain tiger; still possessing the silvery-blue, teal-striped pelt and pearly claws of its original owner, the pouch is secured with a drawstring of twisted blue silk cords tipped with knots and electrum beads. Easily suspended from a belt or hung from a staff, Rain Tiger's Claw appears empty when inspected, though it weighs as if containing liquid of some kind.

Twice a day Rain Tiger's Claw may be used to summon a thick, clinging fog that obscures the vision and clouds the minds of all within 60' of the pouch's bearer, who is not affected (nor are any in contact with the bearer); all individuals attempting to attack within the fog find themselves penalized by -4 to all attack rolls, and spells cast receive a +4 bonus to saving throws. The fog persists for four rounds. Once a week, the pouch may be used to summon an 8HD water elemental in the shape of a tiger.

Rumours abound that one out of three replicas of the original Rain Tiger's Claw are in fact cursed, though the description of the curse varies. Some are said to cause the pouch's owner to take twice normal damage from flames, others to draw poisons and toxic creatures into the owner's path, and yet others to gradually transform the owner into a strange amphibious creature dependent on a liquid environment to survive.


Hamlet said...

That is very cool. It conjures images of a sub-tropical rain forest in my head, thick with mists and fogs in its own right, populated by natives who appear suddenly and without warning, whether by magic or by simple skill.

Anonymous said...

You know, one could hold a village in a grip of fear with an item like that...

Rae7910819 said...

I really like this one. Consider it, well, 'borrowed'. Lol.

taichara said...


There's definitely an edge of cloud forest in there, yes indeed. ;3 That was much the impression I was going for --


How very Exalted of you *grins* But yes, yes you could; it would be quite easy.


Thank ye kindly! Glad you liked it :3

Anonymous said...

Exalted? Moi? Just conniving, I thought. Be a good way to encounter the thing -- someone gets sick of waiting each night to see if the passing thick fog will produce a beast that kills and hires adventurers!