Saturday, June 20, 2009

Four Unusual Potions

Ninefold Golden Essence: Not surprisingly, this slightly syrupy fluid is a deep, warm golden colour, almost metallic looking; this potion is most commonly found in a bulbous flask of opaque white glass.

One dose of ninefold golden essence provides the imbiber with the following benefits for 2-5 turns: +1 bonus to Armour Class, +2 to saves vs. all mind-affecting magics or similar effects, and the imbiber takes one less hit point of damage from fire or the attacks of undead creatures. While ninefold golden essence is in effect, the imbiber's flesh resembles a flexible, dark gold metal.

Spirit-Calling Elixir: Usually -- but not always! -- stored in a vial of jade together with a carefully-inked diagram, the spirit-calling elixir is a completely colourless and almost vapourous tincture.

When poured upon the ground in the patterns displayed in the diagram, spirit-calling elixir summons 1-4 lesser elemental spirits to serve for ten turns or until dismissed or destroyed.

Draft of the Pale Moon: Thick and milky, the draft of the pale moon is the colour of cream with a distinct pearly sheen in any light. It is most commonly found in delicate flasks of silver or crystal.

Imbibing the draft of the pale moon bestows the ability to see, and to speak to, all manner of invisible and immaterial creatures for the duration of the potion's effect.

Wonderful Transmutation: Stored in dark flasks of nearly any substance, the wonderful transmutation is a thin blood-red liquid as reflective as quicksilver.

On its own, the wonderful transmutation has no effect. However, a spell of any kind -- though of third level or less -- may be cast into the liquid, and the potion will absorb and hold the spell's power. At any time afterward, the wonderful transformation may be imbibed and the stored magic absorbed by the imbiber, allowing an extra spell of the stored level or lower to be cast.

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