Saturday, June 20, 2009

Magic Item: Blind Reflection

Blind Reflection: This fey and enchanted weapon is a slender spear, its shaft of rowanwood ornamented with brass and black iron. The blade of the weapon, its tang sunk into a black iron socket, is long and shaped like a wickedly sharp prism; the weapon's head gleams with an impossibly reflective surface, like a crystal formed of a mirror's glass.

Blind Reflection is a spear +1, +2 vs. shapechangers and undead. The bane of enchantments and magics of all kinds, Blind Reflection may have its warding light invoked at any time: its blade flashes brilliantly, and any magical effect -- be it spell, magic item usage, mental influence, or even onrushing dragon breath -- is immediately nullified. However, Blind Reflection may only exercise this power six times; on the sixth usage of the warding light its blade shatters into dust.

The style of the weapon is a peculiar blend, resembling both the weaponry of the fallen neu empires and, most notably, the work of the bladesmith Jie Chue. Should that worthy ever be queried, however -- if he lives still -- the smith merely shakes his head with a small smile, reminding that he forges only swords.


Rex Venom said...

Powerful but temporary
rock on!

taichara said...

@Rex Venom:

Thank ye kindly!

Tomira Eliyes said...

Ooooooh. You know I love spears. I'm with Rex -- awesome that you can use this at will and it does so much, but you can't have it forever.

taichara said...


Can't you just hear the wails of the person having to make the decision of what to do when there's one use left? ;3

Tomira Eliyes said...

Yes, I really really can!

(p.s. WV = nolatas~)