Thursday, June 25, 2009

Magic Item: The Blue Rose

It remains to be seen whether noisms or Eliyes will kill me for this first ...

The Blue Rose: Inexplicably named -- for while it bears flowery ornamentation, there is no rose amongst it -- the Blue Rose is a blade both famed and cursed.

With a long and surprisingly slim blade of highly polished steel, Blue Rose appears deceptively fragile; its grip is of polished ebony threaded with plaited gold wire, its pommel-nut an unidentifiable fruit, perhaps a pomegranate, carved of lapis. The Blue Rose's leaf-and-blossom etched golden quillions are forked, one crescent curving forward and the other back, and instead of a knuckle-guard the hilt is threaded with a golden chain that rests against the hand before meeting the pommel and trailing away to terminate in a coin-sized locket of gold.

The Blue Rose is a sword +1, +2 vs. otherworldly creatures. Against an oathbreaker or deciever the Blue Rose inflicts an extra 1-6 hit points of damage, as the slender blade is antithetical to such things; twice a day, it may be slashed through an illusion to dispel it or used to ward against a mental domination. Strangely enough, if the Blue Rose is stood in an enclosed field for a year and a day it will double the yield of the earth and bring good fortune to those who work it; but the blade loses all power for a year and a day following.

Unfortunately, the bearer of the Blue Rose pays for its power. While claiming ownership of the blade its bearer is treated as if possessing a Constitution two points lower.


noisms said...

You forgot to mention that the sword can only be wielded by a bisexual megalomaniacal autocrat magical stag.

noisms said...

Oh but wait, that would involve the stag actually doing something vaguely interesting.

taichara said...


Actually, the bisexual megalomaniacal (would-be) autocrat element will be much better covered when/if I write up the Amethyst Rose ... but there are no deer involved.

(just as well, really; deer are food.)

I must regretfully adit that there is more than one in-joke afoot, but the timing was too good to pass up *perfectly innocent*

Tomira Eliyes said...

YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARD! *shakes fist and laughs helplessly*

trollsmyth said...

Poor noisms. He's just joined my campaign, and I <3 Blue Rose. Why, he's not yet figured out that the whole plot of the campaign is to bring the bisexual megalomaniacal autocrat magical stag to this world, so it can institute a thousand year reign of peace and prosperity for all! ;)

Seriously, very interesting magic item, in spite of the in-jokes. A bit to smallsword for my campaign, but I might steal an idea or two.

taichara said...


I try ~

So, which Rose should be next, mm? ;3


If you actually do something similar, I will sing praises of thee forever ;3

There's a reason for the form of the blade (though it does have a "longsword's" reach, it's just narrow in the blade), but it's part of the in-joke. Easily changed, though --

Michael S/Chgowiz said...

Y'all are crackin' me up!

noisms said...

Trollsmyth: Suddenly Kakutsa has a wider purpose... Making sure that doesn't happen! Preferably followed by roasting the magic stag on a spit and sharing his haunch with Grigol. ;)

Tomira Eliyes said...

I know I already suggested one to "get out of the way", but now I'm swinging back to wanting to see the green~

Natalie said...

noisms: You appear to think that he's joking. ;)