Sunday, July 19, 2009

Magic Item: Saffron Scarf of Azure

Saffron Scarf of Azure: A expansive swath of golden yellow linen, fringed and shot through with golden filaments from a phoenix's plumage, the Saffron Scarf of Azure is long enough to be used as a sash and broad enough to be worn as a heavy shawl. Nonetheless, it is intended as a voluminous scarf. It also -- oddly enough, for such a type of enchanted object -- is well broken-in, its fabric crushed and softened by years of wear. Despite its name, there is not a touch of azure or any other shade of blue to be found anywhere in it.

While wearing the Saffron Scarf, an individual is protected from trials which would ordinarily be fatal. The wearer of the Scarf is granted a Hit Die of "phantom" hit points (to be rolled normally), and receives a +2 bonus to saving throws vs. poison, death ray or turning to stone. More esoterically, once a day the Scarf may be used to transport the wearer to any known location within twenty miles. The Scarf conceals the alignment of the wearer, and grants a +2 bonus to initial reaction checks if the wearer somehow incorporates music.

For such a strange and notable artefact, surprisingly little is known of its origin or creator; yet it does not appear to date from the First Aeons. It may be of neu craft, or of one of the many spellweavers of the eastern Empire. What little can be agreed upon is that it has always been recorded to be in the possession of a human or human-like -- and roguish -- individual.


Chris said...

A magic...pashmina? Which contains no blue? And has no unifying theme to its powers that I can discern? Ok, that's a keeper.

I can just picture Mr Bag Macho McFightertype wrapped up in his lovely fuzzy cashmere scarf now. :)

taichara said...

I'll be terrible and admit this one was the result of a crazed idea ;3

The only unifying theme is the source of inspiration ... but to get all the bits and pieces requires more knowledge of a video game character then most people both with *grins*

But it's worth it, yes indeed, to picture Macho McFightertype all dolled up ~

Anonymous said...