Saturday, July 18, 2009

Monster: Drake, Lacephyr

Drake, Lacephyr
Armour Class: 7
Hit Dice: 1+1*
Move: 90' (30')
fly 150' (50')
Attacks: 2 claws + 1 bite
Damage: 1-4 + special
No. Appearing: 2-12
Save As: F1
Morale: 8
Treasure Type: U
Alignment: Neutral
XP Value: 19

The smallest of the drake breeds, the lacephyr is also the most gregarious and has been readily trained by humans and humanoids, notably the inhabitants of the mountainous Northlands. Ranging from the size of a falcon to a housecat in the body, a lacephyr is notable for its long trailing tail and its large, dark-opal eyes. The scales of wild lacephyr are found in many colours -- deep, if dull, blues, greens, roses, ambers, creams and earth-colours -- with slightly darker mottled feathers. The various strains of long-domesticated lacephyr are considerably more vibrant.

Lacephyr attack exclusively from the air, inflicting a total of 1-4 hit points of damage from their claws and fangs. The venom of a lacephyr dazes for a single round on a failed save (with a +2 bonus to the roll) -- but the drake may also spit its venom every four rounds up to a range of 10'. The venom ignites in the air, inflicting 2-5 hit points of damage on contact.

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