Saturday, July 11, 2009

On Drakes

From the field notes of Salan Kir'ith:

"Of interest to all those worthies who call themselves Naturalists are the Drakes, or Dragon-Serpents. These draconic beasts reveal themselves as akin to the Wyvern and Lindwurm in their natures, and yet a greater step again from the purity that is Dragon; of their own peculiarities there are many, and worthy of comment.

"In stance the Drake resembles the common Wyvern, being of two limbs and two wings. The gape is wide, and filled with a multitude of perilous fangs; and much as the Wyvern, the Drake is no match for the Dragon in intellect. But in the detail lies the great differences.

"For the Drake bears no venomous Barb in its long and coiling tail, though some of the kinds be venomous in nature. Its limbs resemble more the Pounces of a Falcon or Fish-Eagle, with great curving talons and a fringe of feathers; likewise the Wings are broad and feathered, as unlike to those of a Dragon as to those of a Dragon-fly, though the remainder of its form be cloaked in close-lying, patterned Scales. The colours of Drakes are varied, both by individual and by breed, from the white of Adamant to the near-black of storm clouds.

"In the head of the Drake are still other singularities. In conformation the skull of a Drake is much like a meeting of Dragon and Wolf; in a like manner the head bears two tufted and expressive Ears as those of a canine or Deer, where draconian horns would rightfully rest.

"In disposition do some breeds of Drake resemble the Canine tribe also, being amenable to breaking to the leash, at it were; it is perhaps a great fortune that the greatest of Drakes, the Wind-Drake or Gareth's Drake, possesses the greatest potential. Indeed, these Drakes of the Wind are tamed to bear a human rider in the rarified kingdoms of the North and so take the place of Horses.

Of the lesser Drakes, the Cerastes is known to be used as a guardian of noble fortunes, and the Least Drake a companion and hunting-kite for the Northman as the southerner may course Hawks."

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