Saturday, September 26, 2009

Magic Item: Scarlet Pearl Whisper

Scarlet Pearl Whisper: The Scarlet Pearl Whisper is a ovoid conch pearl the size of the thumb's first joint, of a deep and brilliant blood-scarlet hue. Unlike many similar pearls its colour has never faded; likewise, the flames that flicker across its surface are unusually brilliant. Famed for both its enchantment and its physical qualities, Scarlet Pearl Whisper may be traced through centuries if not longer, nearly always in the hand of a warrior-poet or master-diplomat. Its last known appearance was five decades ago; at that time the gem was said to be grasped in a mesh of delicate clockworks of gold and orichalcum, set in the form of an elaborate gorget.

When Scarlet Pearl Whisper is slicked with blood, the donor may call a pearl messenger from the depths of the gem. This wisp of fluid energy may take any physical shape, but always has the appearance of nacreous blood; regardless of form, it may move -- even fly -- at a rate of 270' (90'). The pearl messenger will bear a message of no greater than a two minute span of speech, and will carry that message without fail until it finds the chosen recipient. Only planar boundaries will foil it.

It is said by some that if Scarlet Pearl Messenger were to be implanted as the brow-gem of a nakharia, the ivory knight would become flesh and blood. Neither the source nor the intent of such a tale has ever been divined.

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