Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Little Treasures

As soon as I think of a viable alternative to Orbitfiles, I shall expand this list and post another download link --

1. A heavy lacy ruff, woven of filaments from a phoenix's plumes

2. A puzzle-ring of gold and black iron composed of four intertwining serpents

3. A palm-sized ivory coffer, filled with undyed silk floss; at the centre of the floss is nestled a starpearl nearly an inch in diameter

4. Twenty blue squirrel pelts, trimmed with white velvet tassels and silver thread.

5. A pair of elbow-length gloves of cloth-of-gold, tapestry woven and embriodered in scarlet with a pattern of scales

6. An assassin's claw-ring in silver and frosted steel, the claw resembling an eagle's talon

7. A crudely made and sealed pottery amphora, 1 1/2' tall; it contains 13 finger-sized bars of silver, a handful of twisted coils of gold, and a tiny golden statuette of a vulture-headed human

8. A ceremonial shield, wooden and faced with white-and-black blotched oxhide; the edges of the shield are trimmed in gold and copper, and a central golden boss rests in a panel of green dragonhide

9. A pair of skewer-like hairpins of pearly steel tipped with seed-pearl tassels; sharpened, they may function as needle-sharp daggers

10. Three worn volumes of ancient Mafdet desert-cat poetry, bound in serpentskin with touches of gilding

11. A nose-ring of electrum, mounted with a central jewel of blue jade and granulated gold

12. A double-edged, finely balanced dagger of pale steel; the central rib of the blade is a thin glowing vein of cinnabar, and the grip of plaited silver wire

13. A thick-walled, heavy basin or crucible of obsidian, its walls carved with standing feathers in high relief; the interior holds a bloodstain, as if from three hearts

14. A snugly-fitting cap of tiny sapphire beads, with brow-band of silver

15. An ornate robe composed of countless brilliant butterfly wings

16. A necklace or girdle of six twisted ropes of pink seed pearls, the strands periodically broken by beads of gold and red coral shaped like fangs

17. A black iron ring, heavy and rounded of surface, and bearing a signet of entwined briars picked out in garnet and fine gold wire

18. A smooth teardrop-shaped pendant of white-flecked green jade; secretly a locket, if pressure is applied in the right places it reveals a hollow filled with ashes and tiny bone fragments

19. Four copper torcs with brightly enamelled bosses at their terminals, wrapped in a courier's packet of tough red leather

20. A statuette in fire agate and rough garnet depicting a red dragon diving through waves of flame

21. Six delicate golden vials chased with arabesques and capped with crystal, each containing an ounce of rare musk

22. A slim silver diadem, its brow-point ornamented with an aquamarine flanked by two black pearls

23. A cavalry sabre from the Glittering Sands; of watered steel and etched with stylized wind-scrolls, it is hilted in cloisonne-work of lapis and jade and sheathed in a bronzewood scabbard edged with lion-fur tassels

24. Five oval cabochons of rose quartz, tucked within a small pouch of thich brownish-black wool

25. A full set of acupuncturist's needles and blades in black iron mounted in rosewood, stored in a rosewood case inlaid with carefully-proportioned glass glyphs of red and gold


David The Archmage said...

Some of those sound absolutely beautiful. The butterfly robe especially!

But blue squirrel pelts?

taichara said...


Yes, blue squirrel pelts! :3 Tis very traditional, even ~

Tsojcanth said...

Treasure/art objects lists are always handy. when i want to throw in plot hooks I put in paitings, ex-voto, merchant trade bars (impressed with town and guild) and idols of forbidden gods.
Most compromizing or "hot" stuff to sell ;)

ps: for web space/backup try

taichara said...


Yes indeed! Sometimes the plot hooks just write themselves because of what the PCs do. X3

And thank ye kind for the link!

BigFella said...

I just gotta say I love the visual aspect that you bring to your creations' descriptions. Every critter, magic item, and treasure, just beautiful!

Tomira Eliyes said...

The items in this list sound beautiful. It's enough to make a body come over all greedy! ;3

Anonymous said...

Longtime admirer of your creations... and I fully agree with BigFella: your entries are like tiny little pieces of poetic treasure, each unto themselves.

Thank you for the inspiration!