Saturday, September 19, 2009

Magic Item: Snowcross

Snowcross: These strange crystalline gems, also known as white crosses, are aberrant growths found in the hips of stone roses; pure white and translucent, they are composed of four prisms of crystal joined in the shape of an equal-armed cross. As a prepared charm a snowcross is carefully and delicately bound with silken threads, gold wire or thin leather thongs and hung about the neck to rest over the heart. A white cross must be so worn for twelve hours before it will function.

When touched with a tear or a drop of blood from the one bearing it, a snowcross will protect against a single instance of poison, charm or magical death effect that occurs within the next day. However, a single cross may only confer this protection 1-4 times before crumbling into a fine white dust.

Many describe experiencing a subtle, almost indefinable sadness or sense of dark fate while carrying a snowcross; most attribute this to the charm's origin, other believe the crystals to be cursed.

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