Saturday, April 25, 2009

Magic Item: Rod of Wings

Rod of Wings (Titan's Whisper): This surprisingly light shaft is forged of an unknown metal, rumoured to be a form of silver forged from one of the stars themselves. It is roughly two feet long, and richly decorated with arabesques in relief-work and many sculptured wings in various positions which stand proud from the rod itself. Unusually, it has also been crafted to serve as a functional flute, the airholes and stops cunningly concealed amongst the ornamentation.

The Rod of Wings has 1-10 charges when found; when a charge is expended, one of three effects may be created, all of which have a 240' range:

- Blessed Respite: a sleep-like effect that sends 3-24 HD of creatures into a deep and unwakeable slumber for 20 turns if the saving throw is failed

- Phantasm: a single false memory, image or dream may be implanted into a target's mind (save vs. spells applicable)

- Thunder of Wings: a flock of translucent white crows with wings sharp as razors descends onto all within a 10' radius, inflicting 3-18 hit points of damage

When all charges are expended the Rod of Wings goes inert. It may be recharged by the sacrifice of burning poppies and burying the Rod as deep within the earth as its bearer is capable (in the depths of a dungeon, if one is known to be nearby) for the span of a month.

It is rumoured that extended use or even ownership of the Rod of Wings will attract the attention of one of the elder forces. This rumour may be connected to the name "Titan's Whisper", which is otherwise untraceable but ancient in origin.


trollsmyth said...

Yep, definitely getting use in my LL game. The link to titans immediately clicked a few ideas together, and now I've got a new NPC to play with. Thanks again! :D

taichara said...


You're welcome. Glad you liked it! :3

Anonymous said...

How novel! A reason to win through to the darkest depths of dungeon to leave something there, and then, in a month, to go back and hope it's still there... Reasons to become a dungeon's master 101?

Also: the item is awesome, I really love all the powers it has. Damn it, you're going to have me wanting to go back to Bards. XD

And the possible communication from something, someone elder... Intriguing, alluring, and not necessarily a good thing, hm?

taichara said...


Reasons indeed. Also, reasons to try really hard to find interesting hidey-places ... and to go back to a dungeon whose inhabitants might remember you ... (heheh)

Alas, there are no bards in BEMCI. Maybe 2e? Or if we try Pathfinder (maths be damned)? ;3

Not necessarily a good thing at all. Especially if it likes you, I imagine --

trollsmyth said...

Feel free to use my rogue. He's kinda bardy.

taichara said...


Ooh. I think I like that notion ...

Thank ye kindly!

Anonymous said...

@trollsmyth: Ooer! Thanks! :D