Sunday, April 12, 2009

Second Level Spell: Searing Argent Frost

[found on a scroll of vellum tied with silver and silk cord, within a crystal scroll-case]

Searing Argent Frost
Range: 100'
Duration: 2 rounds
Effect: Creates a bolt of silver and ice that wounds a target

Casting this spell directs a bolt of searingly cold, silvery energy from the outstretched hand of the magic-user, inflicting 2-8 hit points of damage when it strikes the target. On the second round the silvery mass in the wound instantly grows into a cluster of long spikes of ice crystals, inflicting a further 2-5 hit points of damage. The crystals then crumble to nothing and fade away.


Anonymous said...

*squashes down a certain front-themed mage of hers* You're 3e! Stop it! *sits on him*

I like this spell. :3

Anonymous said...

I meant "frost-themed". *facepalm*