Monday, April 6, 2009

Swords and Wizardry ... frag you very much, Lulu.

After some debate, I decided to wander over to Lulu and purchase a copy of Swords and Wizardry. (I might not ever run it, but I think I'd still like to have it.) Now, months ago I'd considered this for Labyrinth Lord and the shipping scared me off; that, I managed to get via Amazon.

So in any case, off to Lulu I go.

Softcover book? $9.75US. That's cool.

"Standard" shipping? $68.93. Oh hell no.

The cheapest option is economy -- with no tracking, the gods only know what kind of delivery time, and Lulu upfront saying "if it's screwed it's not our problem" -- and that's still $19.96US. For a $9.75 book.

I think I'm going to continue to go without S&W.


Nope said...

I've read of too many bad stories from lulu for me to even consider buying print. I'd rather have a pdf to print the pages I want to use, plus I'm never hesitant to write all over printouts.

Here's a decent alternative, shipping is cheap(included in the price) but takes foooooreeeever(about a month).

Randall said...

I was able to print up very nice OD&D style booklets using Acrobat's booklet feature. Cheap and very nice in play.

Also, Matt is planning on buying a few copies in bulk and shipping them at a much better rate for those outside the US who want an Lulu-printed copy without Lulu postage. See Officially taking orders on stuff on the Swords & Wizardry forum.

Michael S/Chgowiz said...

Taichara - if you want, email me offline and we can compare shipping costs. If it's cheaper to ship to me, then to you, I'll be happy to do so.

Scot Drew said...

On Thursday, March 26th, I decided to give a try and ordered the softcover version of Labyrinth Lord ($17.95). I chose the cheapest shipping option - media mail shipping ($5.52). Total order was $23.47 and I crossed my fingers. Lulu kept me appraised of order processing status and notified me when the book shipped a few days later. Then, on Friday, April 3rd, it arrived. And it is beautiful! Lulu (and the USPS) really came through with flying colors on this order. From placement, through printing, and then shipping and receipt, the whole process took 1 week and 1 day. Better than I had expected.

taichara said...


I've heard some horrors stories as well; but also, a goodly number of people who seem happy. So I've been somewhat conflicted.

Thanks for the link!


Looks nice; but -- scanning the thread -- he's made the orders already? I'll keep a weather-eye on the thread, though.


Email sent. Thank ye kindly! :3

taichara said...


Good to hear a pleasant story. *grins* But -- you're in the States, I'm guessing?

Lulu puts the screws to we lot up north, let me assure you.

Spike Page said...

I've gotten a few softbound 'zines and a hardbound S&W Core Rules from Lulu and have been quite happy with both..but yes, I'm in the Continental US. I can see why folks in Canada and overseas are pissed off.

What I can't see is why that shipping is so high. Just today I sent out seven identical packages containing CDs. 6 domestic...1 to Canada. The domestic ones cost me $1.50 US, and a dime more for the one to Ontario. I just don't get what's up with Lulu.

I'm curious to see if Lulu charges so much to ship to Alaska, in spite of having to pass through one helluva-huge chunk of Canada to get there.

taichara said...

@Spike Page:

The only answer I can come up with is that we international folk are a Sekrit Source of revenue, given the jacked-up shipping prices.

Lulu needs a collective kick in the head -- and that's an interesting pondering re: Alaska.

The Badger King said...

I live in Canada. I decided to show my old school love, and picked up Fight On 1-4, Knockspell ! and the Art of Old School. Shipping for the whole order was somewhere in the range of $50. This is the one AND ONLY time I will buy anything through Lulu.

Matt said...

Hey- this is "printme1 actual" here...just wanted to follow up on the previous mention.

We ship using the Media Mail rate from the USPS. It lets us keep our prices really low.

The downside to using Media Mail is that the USPS doesnt set a minimum delivery time for it.

Typically, it should take just a few days longer to arrive than a regular first class item, but this is a case where "your mileage may vary" depending on the distance between us (in PA, USA) and you.

Anyway, we are committed to keeping our prices as low as possible ($0.035/page,inc shipping) by keeping it simple.

And we appreciate your support...thanks!