Monday, May 18, 2009

Magic Item: The Cats of Day and Night

The Cats of Day and Night: Neu-created enchanted clockworks, the Cats are exactly that -- a pair of mechanical cats the size of dogs. Both Cats are crafted of gold and crystal and purified black iron, and their intricate insides are occasionally revealed at their joints when they move; they each have their ear-tips and tearlines picked out in gold, eyes of brilliant clear topaz, and a brilliant red carbuncle set into the forehead. The outer shell of the Cat of Day is shaped from ivory, whereas the Cat of Night is sheathed in ebony.

Each cat is directed by the owner's will, but is capable of following commands that are not extremely complex and may act independently -- for example, to serve as a scout or (small) beast of burden. Mastery is determined by the ownership and wearing of the Cats' Ring, a delicate finger-ring of ebony, ivory and gold crafted to resemble two stylized, intertwined felines.

In combat, the Cat of Night may attack freely as directed by its master, and is capable of wreathing its claws and teeth in black energies twice a day that cause an additional 1-6 hit points of damage. The Cat of Day may not attack, but instead defends its master -- the Cat's interference with physical attacks and magical countering of spells confer a +2 bonus to the master's Armour Class and saving throws against offensive magics. The Cat of Day may also wreathe its claws or teeth in white energies and "attack" its master, or another as its master directs, healing the amount of damage inflicted that day by the Cat of Night's ebonfire.

The Cats of Day and Night have the following statistics: AC4; HD 2+2; hp 15, 15; Mv 180' (60'); Att 2 claws + 1 bite [Night]; Dam 1-3/1-3/1-6 [Night]; Sv F3; Mr 12; immune to fire, cold.


The Badger King said...

This is one of the coolest ideas I have seen in a long time. Consider it YOINK!ed, and keep up the great work!

Drew said...

Being a Cat fan myself, this is a Corker!

taichara said...

@The Badger King:

Thank ye very much! Glad you liked it :3


That's a good thing, right ~?