Saturday, May 16, 2009

Monster: Death Tapioca

You probably don't want to know the conversation that was the inspiration for this one ~

Death Tapioca
Armour Class: 2
Hit Dice: 6+6**
Move: 120' (40')
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1-12 or 2-20
No. Appearing: 1-3
Save As: C7
Morale: 10
Treasure Type: Nil
Alignment: Lawful
XP Value: 950

Horrid creatures of the deep dungeon, death tapiocas have been so named by adventurers with a sense of the ridiculous. Amorphous slime creatures nearly eight feet in diameter, death tapiocas are a terrible mass of shining black gelatin studded with smooth spherical organelles resembling polished iron orbs -- or tapioca pearls. The overall effect is that of a quivering, undulating mass of polished black iron tapioca, relentlessly advancing. Worse yet, some report that the death tapioca seems to be sentient and perhaps even sapient.

The death tapioca's basic attack is to strike with a pseudopod or a rippling wave of its main mass, inflicting 1-12 hit points of damage. More dangerous, and gruesome, is the eruption it can produce every six rounds -- a dozen or more orbs open up and unleash a torrent of sticky, corrosive, immobilizing slime. This attack affects a 15' radius around the tapioca and inflicts 2-20 hit points of damage in the first round, 1-8 hit points after round afterwards for three additional rounds. To add insult to injury, the sticky mass impedes movement, cutting movement rates in half and causing a -3 to all rolls until the slime hardens and cracks away in four rounds.

Death tapiocas take no damage from fire or lightning. Cold damage causes them to fission into two 4HD tapiocas. They are immune to nonmagical weapons, but take damage from holy water as if undead.


Michael S/Chgowiz said...

Totally. Awesome!

SW WB block:
AC 2[17], HD 6+2, #At 1 (2d6), Sv , Mv 12, Sp: Corrosive sticky slime; immune to fire/lightning/nonmagical; vulnerable to holy water (see below), HDE/XP: 10/1400

Slime causes 3d6 first round, 1d6 next 3 rounds.

(HDE is Hit Dice for Experience: 6+2 is 7 HDE, +1 for corrosive, +1 for immunities, +1 for splitting)

taichara said...


Thank ye! :3

Also, nice conversion :3

Rae7910819 said...

You saying that makes me rather curious now, about the conversation and such.

taichara said...


It was, ironically, nothing to do with D&D ... but instead a discussion about a shared bit of fiction in which a winged gentleman needs clothes tailored, a certain manga series, and that butterfly eggs are actually often quite pretty and bear no resemblance to globs of tapioca.

But globs of tapioca-looking things from Erebos can hatch into giant metal caterpillars which turn into dudes with butterfly wings. Who serve the Lord of the Dead.

Yay for topic drift. ;3

Anonymous said...

Moohahaha! XD I love being a "bad influence"! WV is "rose reed".

taichara said...


Watch me get you back later ;3

And maybe I should write up a "rose reed"; the idea prickles at the back of my head ...

Anonymous said...

I thought it might be brain-tickling.

Well, you could always make be face one of these critters. X3