Monday, June 1, 2009

Genreh's Text

[A tiny girdle-book of fragile parchment leaves, slim and bound in soft mink-brown doeskin and containing four carefully-annotated spells. Strangely, the contents are divided between the art of the magic-user and the miracles of the cleric; the first inked in crimson, the second in gold. The tiny book is commonly believed to be named for its discoverer.]

Reading Life's Threads
Level: C 1
Range: 25'
Duration: 1 round
Effect: Divines the health and physical integrity of a creature

Casting this spell allows the determination -- at a glance -- whether a creature has been injured, has been poisoned, or is currently in ill-health. Reading life's threads does not exactly identify the nature of magical or cursed malady; however, you may use the information it provides to work towards a positive identification. Lycanthropy, for example, may register as a magical curse caused by injury -- but review of the subject's battles will narrow the options swiftly.

Level: C 2
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 day
Effect: Places a beneficial "packet" of energy within subject

The casting of this spell creates a lifeseed, a "packet" of energy drawn from the Positive Energy Plane, and places it within the chosen recipient. At any time during the spell's duration, the recipient may choose to absorb the energy contained within the lifeseed; this absorption either heals 1-6 hit points or nourishes the recipient as if it were a normal meal. Only one lifeseed may be carried at one time by any given individual.

Will of the Scarlet Moon
Level: MU 2
Range: 100'
Duration: 1 turn
Effect: Enchants a subject with a monofocused bloodlust

Will of the scarlet moon, when cast upon a chosen target, compels that target to single-mindedly attack a single designated creature to the best of its ability. While under the influence of will of the scarlet moon, the targeted individual ignores all other individuals and threats, attacking its designated victim with bloody intensity; they gain a +2 to to hit rolls and damage, but -4 to Armour Class.

Scarlet Moon's Fury
Level: MU 3
Range: 100'
Duration: 5 rounds
Effect: Imbues a powerful -- and murderous -- battle-skill

The enchantment placed by this spell creates a surge of unending fury and blood-hunger in a single creature, making them into a single-minded, nearly bestial combatant. To hit rolls and damage inflicted are increased by +4; Wisdom, however, drops to 6 and no actions may be taken other than to attack savagely. The recipient is immune to further mind-influencing spells while under the fury's effects, and will attempt to kill anyone within sight -- including the magic-user, given the chance.


Anonymous said...


b) That's an interesting combination of spells to be found together. I mean, I can see how each is useful (the latter two especially remind me of status effects from Final Fantasy, actually), but it's interesting trying to envision them working together... ;3

(WV is dislatin. Is that better than datlatin? *shot*)

taichara said...

That was rather the effect I was going for, yeh ...

And yay, girdle books! :3