Sunday, July 26, 2009

Magic Item: Crescent's Light

Crescent's Light: Enchanted objects from the Kingdom often combined functions in unusual ways and presented them in unexpected manners. Both of these qualities are well displayed in Crescent's Light, an object of noted offensive and defensive utility.

When unactivated, Crescent's Light is a slim coronet or tiara, a semicircle of magically-hardened gold (though some say its pale shade suggests electrum) bearing a single small, perfect ruby on its centrepoint.

While worn, it appears to have no other function other than to offer a +1 bonus to saving throws. However, Crescent's Light may be used as a ranged weapon with an effective distance of 50' -- when thrown it spins and its edges become razor sharp, inflicting 1-6 hit points of damage and functioning as a weapon with a +2 enchantment. Creatures of chaotic alignment or dark nature suffer a double damage from Crescent Light's "blades". This is not its only function; once a day the possessor of Crescent Light may throw the tiara with no intent to harm, and it will instead scatter a golden light over up to four people which nullifies poison, disease and charm effects.


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trollsmyth said...

You don't have to invoke lunar deities of justice before using its powers? ;)

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Not to use it, but they might be watching ;3

(fear me, for this is only the beginning of my being constructively silly on this topic ...)

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Fun. Look forward to see what other wacky stuff you come up with.

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I think that's wonderful! I love it!