Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Magic Item: Sunjari's Pitiless Barb

Sunjari's Pitiless Barb: Without the aid of magic, this neu bow would be nothing more than a strange and fragile curiosity; not fashioned of ash or horn, it is entirely composed of a network of miniscule golden gears, silvery levers and other clockworks encased in a perfectly transparent "bowstave" of many-jointed crystal. When the stave is flexed or its string pulled, the clockworks inside speed up and whirl in a frenzy of activity.

Sunjari's Pitiless Barb is a short bow +1. Though it is not a strong weapon in inself, as enchanted weapons so, upon the command of its wielder its ammunition is transmuted to crystal and brass and sheathed in a nimbus of sparkling, icy blue. Any damage inflicted by such a transmuted arrow may not be healed by magic -- one hit point is regained per day of rest, but no more. Such transmutation draws on the archer's strength of personality; the number permitted per day is equal to the archer's Charisma bonus.


Chris said...

A steampunk magic bow? By rights it shouldn't be cool; but it so totally is.

Curse your unerring aesthetic sense Tai'!

taichara said...

@Chris: Hee ~ Thank ye kindly ;3

Anonymous said...

Do the transmuted arrows remain crystal and brass? And, if so, do they have any special abilities in and of themselves?

taichara said...


They do stay transmuted, yes.

No particularly strange properties after the arrow has been used to wound, however, aside from whatever lingering magic would be clinging to a transmuted object.

Tomira Eliyes said...

Pretty and interesting!