Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And now, ded from werk.

I know posts have been lacking, but I'm currently in the middle of an unscheduled 56-hour work week with only one night off.

*falls over dead*

This isn't so much a "hiatus" as "as soon as my braincells engage long enough this week there will be a post" --

Many apologies!


Chris said...

*prods Taichara with stick. Steals boots*

Been there, done those. See you when you have your head back.

taichara said...

*nuuu not the boots --*

Yes, indeed.

I want to put together a collection of a dozen or so pipsqueak less-than-2HD critters, but I can't make the brain function atm.

Blegh *shakes fist at work*

David The Archmage said...

No worries! Your posts are always worth waiting for.