Friday, August 7, 2009

Magic Item: The Verdant Rose

The Verdant Rose: Named, one may infer, for the etching of its blade, the Verdant Rose makes up in its twin-faced nature for the singularity of its edge.

A sleek weapon of curving blade, Verdant Rose is of a foreign and exotic design. Single-edged, the steel of the blade reflects light like the ripples of a pool; and down the blade's length on either side is etched a coil of twisting rose briars picked out in a deep jade green. The sword's hand-guard is a virtually nonexistent oval of unornamented gold, and the hilt is wrapped in braids of black silk shot through with golden thread. There is no appreciable pommel nut, the hilt ending in a plain frosted steel finial.

The Verdant Rose is a sword +1, +2 vs. shapechangers and spellcasters. If its bearer declares a person or ideal to be defended against all comers, twice a day they may either sacrifice up to half of their Armour Class bonus to grant that bonus to the person they defend, or may boost their own saving throws by half of their to-hit bonus, for three rounds. If the Verdant Rose is stood point-down in the courtyard or flanking the gate of a household it will grant health and prosperity to those who live within; but the blade loses all power for a year and a day following.

However, there is a darkness to the sword's protection. In combat Verdant Edge's bearer must make a saving throw vs. charm if thwarted or insulted, or else fall into a berserker fury for four rounds, attacking friend and for alike -- and if their sworn person or ideal is struck down (or, worse, could be seen as betraying the blade's bearer) there is no saving throw, the blade's bearer attacking in a fury until subdued or killed.

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Michael S/Chgowiz said...

I like double edged swords.