Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Magic Item: Silent Scales

For many days a spell-weaver came to visit Jie Chue at his forge.

And for many days unending he spoke of his quests in the great Burning Lands to the east; he spoke of his wish to travel there again, and of his wish to run with the blade-dancers there.

He spoke of the wild and unforgiving beasts, and of many such marvels to be found within the ruby and gold of the sands.

He spoke without cease, and Jie Chue grew weary.

With a wordless smile he gifted the weaver of spells with a blade to cool the Lands, and bid he learn the value of silence.

Silent Scales: Forged from water-steel of a paticularly translucent nature, and marked with a pattern of overlapping reptilian scales just barely visible in torchlight, Silent Scales is an elegant blade of perfect symmetry. Its hilt is frosted steel tinged faintly peacock-green, with coiling tendrils for a hand-guard; and a single rosy pearl is mounted as a pommel-nut.

Silent Scales is a sword +1 which may be wielded by any character as if they were a fighter of their level. Against creatures of desert or flame the sword inflicts half again its damage per successful strike, and so long as at least one such creature is killed by the blade each day its bearer is protected from the ravages of the desert and other such environments.

However, as long as Silent Scales is in its bearer's possession -- not merely actively borne or wielded -- its owner is rendered mute.

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