Friday, August 21, 2009

Magic Item: Kaira's Burning Claw

Kaira's Burning Claw: A desheri the size of a human fingerbone and of an intense and fiery blood red, Kaira's Burning Claw is slender, curved, and tapers to a wickedly sharp point. For most of its famed existence the Burning Claw was simply wrapped within a cage of leather thongs and ivory beads, and hung from the same; but since it was claimed as spoils of war by Samithir, the Frozen King, it has been capped with gold and rubies and placed as a brow-pendant upon the "king's" diadem.

Kaira's Burning Claw radiates an intense but not painful warmth. Indeed, such is the power of the gem that it protects the one that wears it from the effects of the coldest of environments and halves all damage taken from attacks that use cold, from a white dragon's breath to a blade of eternal ice. The burning spirit of the stone ignites its owner's own spirit as well -- once a day, the individual who wears or carries Kaira's Burning Claw may choose to either gain a +4 bonus to a roll, or to take a complete reroll on one event or action.

Once and once only during ownership of the Claw, the decision may be made to channel all of one's life into an attack or other activity. This endeavour will succeed, regardless of its impossibility -- but the owner of the Claw dies in the following round. Subsequent resurrection does not permit a second such final strike.


Tomira Eliyes said...

Burning spirit indeed. I like the final strike option~

taichara said...


Final strikes are always entertaining ~