Friday, August 14, 2009

Magic Item: Shoryrei's Seeds

Shoryrei's Seeds: These "seeds" resemble lenticular bits of gold and copper and obsidian roughly the size and shape of a peach pit. They are most commonly found in batches of 1-6 seeds; most such batches were originally bundled in small waxed courier's parcels of leather, but now may be discovered stored in virtually any manner.

To make use of a seed, an individual must use the seed's edge to draw blood from themselves; then the bloodied seed is pushed into soil or at least wedged into some form of substrate. Within five minutes the seed sprouts into a short twisting "vine" of gold and copper before expanding into a glassy, metal-veined black dome large enough to comfortably house six human-sized creatures. Access is gained through a surprisingly-flexible slit in the dome's edge.

Within the dome -- which lasts for nine hours before crumbling to powder -- all individuals are protected from hostile environmental effects and will regain 1-6 hit points while sleeping. However, the following day they will be at -2 to their saving throws, as the seed-dome drew on their own energies to heal them and maintain itself.

The seeds were created by Shoryrei Twice-Fanged, who had heard of a similar creation and wished to craft a more directly beneficial version. Despite the drain on fortitude and fate Shoryrei considered them a success; but then, he also considered forging Blood-Iron Pacts a mutually beneficial arrangement.

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Tomira Eliyes said...

Awesome! I love that the little bit of character fluff at the end neatly explains the drain, but these quid pro quo items would probably work well in campaigns where the DM is trying not to give lower-level PC magic items that are really powerful. And they also have neat plot hook potential.