Saturday, August 29, 2009

Magic Item: Fireblossom

Fireblossom: Baroque wands or rods of gold and copper and glass, shaped like twisting coiled tapers and tipped with stylized flowerbuds, fireblossoms are so deeply etched and carved that the entire shaft seems to be a meld of glyphs and greenery. Despite appearing like exceptionally ornate sculptures, fireblossoms are in fact enchanted weapons.

By expending a charge, a fireblossom can be made to expel a gout of clinging scarlet flame from its flowery tip. A wand will release a 1'x5'x10' flame, or a single fireorb up to 40' away; a rod may produce 5'x10'x25' of flame, or use a ranged fireorb up to 120' away. A wand deals 1-6 hit points of damage, and a rod 1-10, with half damage again on the round after the fire initially strikes.

Fireblossoms are charged with an elixir resembling a garnet-red, grainy syrup, composed of cinnabar, saltpetre, dragon's blood and red lotus combined with certain specific enchantments. A wand can hold five charges, a rod ten.

Some versions of fireblossoms, rather than crafted in the shape of flowers, resemble baroque serpents who spit flames from their opening jaws.


Anonymous said...

Very nice item, I especially like the visual appearance.

However, the damage seems rather low considering the immense effort required to build and charge it.

taichara said...


Aah. The damage is an artifact of my own games, really; we tend to play at the much lower levels (and wring everything we can from the Red Box).

Boosting the damage for higher-level play is perfectly reasonable :3