Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Few Bits of Hedge Magic

Tinker's Cloth: Whether an unassuming leather wipe-cloth or a handkerchief of mottled colours, this small cloth, when wiped or rubbed vigorously on an object, will mend small imperfections and breaks, smooth out scuffs, and generally enact minor repairs. The number of times a tinker's cloth will work is variable.

Undead Ward: A mixture of salt and powered roses, usually kept in small stoneware jars or packets of waxed parchment. When strewn across a threshold, the mixture will force any undead creature attempting to cross said threshold to make a save vs. spell or be unable to do so. The ward, unless renewed, holds for one night.

Moon Charm: Also called -- predictably -- a werecharm, this small object is most commonly a small ornament of silver or silvered copper containing a few small bits of preserved aconite and wormwood. If one wearing a moon charm contracts lycanthropy, there is a 40% chance that the curse will not take. The charm then tarnishes, its enchantment spent.

Soupstone: Despite being an almost-alarming blue-green and shimmering like a peacock's plume, when submerged in heated water a soupstone will be consumed and transforms the water into enough broth to sustain four individuals for a meal. The larger the soupstone, the greater the number of people -- or the stone may be fished out to be used again.

Alicorn Balm: Sometimes a thin syrupy liquid to be drunk, but more commonly an ointment whose pearled ivory colour does indeed suggest that which graces a unicorn's brow, alicorn balm will heal a single hit point per injury per application. The balm is stored in small wooden boxes lined with wax.

Sundrop: Not true amber, despite its appearance, nor from the sun, a sundrop nonetheless shares the sun's warmth. Once rubbed vigorously this palm-sized mass of golden resin warms rapidly and -- wrapped in a cloth, most likely -- may be tucked within clothing or bedclothes to stave off the cold. A sundrop retains its warming properties for two to eight hours.


ze bulette said...

Some nice items for the local Magic Shoppe or perhaps at the checkout counter of the Alchemist's. I don't generally sell magic items in my game, but with these it can be done without upsetting balance and while adding some (rock!) flavor. Thanks!

Zak S. said...

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Open File:

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Jeff Rients said...

I agree with Zak. These are keepers!

David The Archmage said...

I'll third what Zak said. Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Nice one - gonna be using these !

Anonymous said...

Nice mix of folk and low magic. A fun read and lots of interesting and useful items to be used there.

taichara said...

Thank ye kind, everyone :3 And many many apologies for the delay in responding :3;;

Tomira Eliyes said...

These are all great! But for some realso the soustone has me craving my grampy's nail soup. ;3

archon said...

oh goody, stone soup. a little more litteral than it genrally is, but maybe still, a bit more delicious if it has a little cabbage, no?

taichara said...


Entirely possible that there's a taste of cabbage there, but adding to the broth never hurt anyone either ~