Saturday, October 17, 2009

Magic Item: Dipteron's Panacea

Dipteron's Panacea: Much to the surprise of any who happen to open this palm-sized copper apple, its spongelike halves contain not an enchanted ointment or potion but instead a multitude of miniscule clockwork flies. Each tiny insect -- delicately crafted of golden filaments and ivory glass, with eye of tiny rubies -- is no more than a mote, the size of a grain of barley perhaps. And once the Panacea is opened the flies flit towards the closest living being and set to work.

The tiny flies are drawn towards the orifices of the body, preferring the nose, mouth and eyes. They do no damage but can be excessively irritating -- and disconcerting! -- to those not accustomed to their invasion. So long as the flies may freely access their host, said host is granted immunity to all disease and a second chance at all saving throws vs. poison. The flies may be active for up to four hours before they must return to their apple and "rest" for a day.

Scattered records indicate a similar concatenation of amber and ebony bees, which -- if permitted to crawl across and cling to their host, who occasionally would suffer a lancing from silver stings -- would absorb damage inflicted from fire, lightning and ice.