Saturday, October 24, 2009

Magic Item: Withering Bite

Through meditation upon corruption, the smith had forged an edge of frozen darkness.

But on this unhallowed subject Jie Chue sought to discern a finer point; in what means could corruption's touch be brought to bear upon the world.

The answer came in a darkling flash as he beheld a shattered grave --
The first influence was of the corruption of the body.

Withering Bite: This single-edged, curved and deep-bellied weapon is mottled with a patchy pattern of corroded copper along both sides of the blade; though the sickly green causes the sword to look almost diseased, it has no effect on the weapon's integrity. The smooth brassy quillions curve forward like paired fangs and the pommel tapers to a simple cinnabar bulb, while the grip is wrapped tightly in an unidentifiable reptilian hide.

Withering Bite is a sword +2. With each successful attack, Withering Bite's corroded blade leaves silvers of flesh-eating vitriol in the wound, dissolving flesh, blood and bone at a rate of 2 hit points per round until the injury is treated by magic. By sacrificing a point of Strength for a day, the wielder of Withering Bite may inflict a bonemelt on a single target, causing the victim's bones to splinter into osseous clots and their Armour Class to immediately worsen by six as their movement rate is dropped to one-third.

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