Monday, October 26, 2009

Magic Item: Terror's Fury

Lost in darkness, body and mind both lost to corruption; in such a state, what is there left untouched?

Staring calmly into the void, Jie Chue saw at once;
and, carving those tainted parts of his self free, forged his final contemplation of the fallen state.

The last to fall to corruption is the spirit.

Terror's Fury: Possessing all the length of a typical two-handed sword, Terror's Fury is single-edged and slightly curved, with a curving sharpened spur at the root of the blade. The blade's blued surface is ragged with streaks of cinnabar like strikes of lightning; the quillions and pommel-nut are simple bronze, the grip wrapped in the hide of a tiger.

Terror's Fury is a two handed sword +2. With every successful attack the sword inflicts an additional 1-4 hit points of damage from its electrified edge and immediately forces a morale check with a -2 penalty or the victim flees in mindless fright. By sacrificing a point of Charisma and Constitution for a day, the bearer of Terror's Fury may invoke a deathfrenzy in another -- or in themselves -- causing all damage to be increased by half again and granting +3 to initiative and to-hit rolls, -2 penalty to Armour Class, and +2 to saves vs. paralyzation, poison or death. However, the subject of a deathfrenzy may not stop attacking until all viable targets, including allies, are off the field of battle or slaughtered. If the deathfrenzy is invoked on a subject that is not the bearer of Terror's Fury, the sword's bearer loses one hit point permanently.

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Tomira Eliyes said...

This is entirely appropriate to this theme, the colour scheme is wonderful, and the powers are inspired.