Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Two Spells of Scribing

Fleeting Glyphs
Range: 0
Duration: Until triggered, or 1 day per level
Effect: Infuses missive with destructive energy

Casting this spell upon a message or other document of no more than a single sheet of paper or parchment in length infuses it with a hidden, self-devouring magical energy. Once the inscription on the message is read, the missive is promptly destroyed: dissolves to dust, rusts away, is immolated in golden flames, or whatever form the magic-user desires.

Level: M2
Range: 50'
Duration: Permanent
Effect: Inscribes a subject with a magical mark

Casting this spell on a living or at least animate target "burns" a glyph of the magic-user's choice into the subject's self, to be revealed under specific conditions (detect magic, detect evil, certain types of illumination, a time of day ...). This glyph may be on the subject's person or may hover above their head, and cannot be seen by the subject. The soulbrand may be removed by the same methods that remove curses.


David The Archmage said...

I like the Fleeing Glyphs. It's a very mission impossible image - "This scroll will self destruct in 1 round" Woosh!

Soulbrand seems potentially powerful for a second level spell. Maybe if it could be dispelled by a magic user of equal or greater power than the caster?

taichara said...


Yeh, that's much like one kind of mental image I had when I wrote Fleeing Glyphs. ;3

For Soulbrand, I don't consider it too powerful for second level.

Continual Light is also second level, permanent effect and may create permanent blindness, all unless "magically removed". 2e Wizard Mark may only be removed by the caster or by a specific spell (Erase). I think Soulbrand works well.

Tomira Eliyes said...

Soulbrand seems kinda familiar. Was this, or soemthing like it, use don the Witless WOnders by a certain young priest?

(WV: Rumemis -- the god of getting lost in thought.)

taichara said...


It was indeed *evil grin* It also tends to be used by a number of my other various weirdos.

I believe there's a version in a Kethry and Tarma story, besides; but I'm pretty sure I was tinkering with the idea before I read it.