Thursday, October 8, 2009

Magic Item: The Scarlet Rose

The Scarlet Rose: A more delicately deceptive weapon than the Verdant Rose, the weapon often believed to be its twin, the Scarlet Rose nonetheless carries its own sting in its tail for those prideful enough to bear it.

Like its supposed twin blade, the Scarlet rose is a slim and single-edged sword of exotic and presumably foreign design; the metal of its blade reflects light like moonlight off water, and on either side, close to the blade's root, is etched a single blood-red petal. Like Verdant Rose, the hand-guard is small, oval and golden. The Scarlet Rose's hilt is, however, wrapped in braids of white silk that bear small marks like tiny bloodstains, and the smooth simple finial that tips its pommel is golden.

The Scarlet Rose is a sword +1, +2 vs. black knights and creatures of darkness. The bearer of the Scarlet Rose is treated as if their Charisma were two points higher when negotiating with hirelings and other such followers, and once a day may pierce the future to determine the most suitable -- or at least, the least dangerous -- course of action. If the Scarlet Rose is stood point-down in the courtyard or flanking the gate of a keep or borderland fortress it will rouse the lord should danger threaten; but the blade loses all power for a year and a day following.

However, such influence comes at a price. The bearer of the Scarlet Rose seems indefininably touched by a hint of the same darkness the blade seeks to combat; in any given moment of tension, the Scarlet Rose's bearer may be compelled to secretively betray their fellows by some small action, or to lie despite their glowing reputation.


Tomira Eliyes said...

I suspect I know what may have partly inspired this, and if so -- good job!

I love the "loses its power for a year and a day" thing!

taichara said...


I should hope you did ;3

And yeh, I rather like adding the year-and-a-day clauses to all of these; makes them interesting --

archon said...

this seems like a weapon for a NPC. a noble lord, prehaps an ally or supirior of the PC's. of course, all may not be what it seems. (but it seems like the perfect blade for any member of the nobilty.

taichara said...


That's a sort of image I was leaning towards, yes :3