Thursday, October 22, 2009

Odd Jobs: Rhen Giska

Rhen Giska
Magic-User 1

AC / Hit Points: 8 / 3
Alignment: Neutral

Str 9
Int 16
Wis 9
Dex 14
Con 8
Cha 10

Equipment: backpack (spellbook, iron rations, two small sacks, scrollcase with parchment, quills and ink), two flasks of oil, lantern, lantern staff, four daggers, heavy cloak

Money and Unusual Belongings: lesser fire sigil, slender blackened iron torc, 4 gold pieces, 13 silver pieces

Spells in Spellbook: detect magic, read magic

Notes: Rhen is a would-be sage and fascinated with physical enchantments in general and the manifestation of elemental sigils in particular; since acquiring the rough crystal flame, he's been drawn to find others. This in turn pulled Rhen away from his studies and into the adventuring life. He will attempt to conceal the thumb-sized sigil unless he trusts his fellow adventurers; if hired as a retainer, he will most certainly do so.

With his spells, however, Rhen had best rely on throwing daggers, lit oil and anything else he can manage until he scavenges up something better. His knowledge and cunning can also serve his party well -- and detect magic will help scour a suspicious or cluttered dungeon room for magic items (and traps).

At least until he dies or almost dies, Rhen will seem more insanely-curious thief than magic-user. This is bolstered by his preference for "normal" clothing instead of wizardly robes, though his all-enveloping cloak leaves him draped regardless.


HappyFunNorm said...

I'm confused by the Lesser Fire Sigil... is it a drawing? Some kind of manifestation of fire? It it hot? What can you tell us about this item?

taichara said...


The Fire Sigil is the "rough crystal flame" mentioned further in the writeup. Elemental sigils are concentrated bits of elemental power in my campaign (those of fire are warm but not often actually hot).

I have a post or two planned about them; I just need to get my thoughts marshaled. In the meantime, I'd considered editing out or changing the reference but decide nah, someone might come up with their own oddity X3

Tomira Eliyes said...

He just gets more and more interesting. ;)