Sunday, October 25, 2009

Magic Item: Silken Deception

The darkness and the flesh are corruption's easy meat; the first is its birthing, the second feeds it.

But other facets called themselves to Jie Chue's mind as he swept bone-ashes from the forge. Little under heaven and in earth is content with flesh alone.

The answer came in a faint grey whisper as he beheld the shattered mourners --
The second influence was of the corruption of the mind.

Silken Deception: A slender sword and graceful, Silken Deception is a smaller weapon than its fellows though no less deadly. The blade is sharpened along both edges and its tip is reinforced for piercing; a delicate abstract pattern of blackened arabesques and webwork traces its way down the blade's rib. Though Silken Deception's quillions and pommel-nut are of unornamented, bluish steel, the grip is wrapped in braided grey silks that trail free of the hilt like hazy scarves.

Silken Deception is a short sword +2. With each successful strike, the blade taints the victim's mind with a drugged haze, causing a charm effect that lasts until the victim makes a successful saving throw, allowed once every two rounds. By sacrificing a point of Wisdom for a day, the bearer of Silken Deception may create a mindwraith that draws out the victim's psyche and turns it against them. This mindwraith is semi-tangible, has all the statistics and equipment of the victim and attacks mercilessly; it may only be harmed by the victim.

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Tomira Eliyes said...

These just get more and more wonderful. Can't wait for blade #4!