Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Handful of NPCs

A few possible hirelings, retainers, or just odd folks for your low-level PC party to deal with -- and just the basics, so as to make tailoring the details all the simpler ...

Name: Bay
Class (or lack thereof): Normal Man (porter)
Armour and Armour Class: none -- AC 9
Hit Points: 4
Weapon(s): reinforced carry-pole (treat as staff)
Belongings of Note: lock of curly hair tied with red ribbon; pouch of various herbs
Alignment: Neutral
Notes: Methodical, diligent, and a little nosy. Will try to defend weakened PCs, especially if PC is young (lost a child in the recent past). Will work for half-pay if hired for an expedition against goblins. +1 to hit and damage rolls.

Name: Sevar
Class (or lack thereof): F1
Armour and Armour Class: chain mail -- AC 5
Hit Points: 7
Weapon(s): dagger, sword, shortbow
Belongings of Note: silver signet ring, horse
Alignment: Neutral
Notes: Aloof. Brittle-tempered, but quickly appreciates good leadership. Youngest son of a minor (and prolific) noble, expensive to hire but can make good commendations later.

Name: Myrnn
Class (or lack thereof): Normal Man (porter and mule tender)
Armour and Armour Class: none -- AC 9
Hit Points: 5
Weapon(s): dagger, handaxe
Belongings of Note: serpentine sacrificial knife (concealed)
Alignment: Chaotic
Notes: Quiet, deferential, and exceptionally attentive to the needs of his charges. Secretly a member of a chaotic nature-cult and will attack a sleeping (or otherwise vulnerable) PC if the opportunity presents itself.

Name: Rinan
Class (or lack thereof): MU1 (acting as lantern boy)
Armour and Armour Class: none -- AC 9
Hit Points: 3
Weapon(s): dagger
Belongings of Note: lantern staff, concealed leather packet with folded spellbook pages (read magic, magic missile)
Alignment: Lawful
Notes: Curious, chatty, but secretive. Nervous, having fled master, and trying to conceal magical ability -- but may reveal himself if party is in dire straits.


Pedro Gómez-Esteban said...

Not only useful, but inspiring. I don't comment often, but keep reading your stuff regularly, thanks a lot for these!

David The Archmage said...

A magic user in hiding as a lantern bearer... I like it!

Tomira Eliyes said...

Interesting mix of suggestions! I like that you've got both a potentially good and potentially bad surprise in these. (Although I suppose if the mentor yon lantern-bearer ran from came colling, it wouldn't be good...)

taichara said...

@Pedro, David:

Thank ye kindly :3


Variety is always good I figure ;3